Many of you asked, "Why did you run as a team?"

We ran as a team because we share a set of ideals and a common vision for Rancho Mirage and we have great appreciation for our city and everything it has to offer. Together we pledge to work diligently and intelligently to direct our city for the benefit of you, the residents and businesses of Rancho Mirage.


Our shared platform and goals for the City:

  1. Manage the City's finances responsibly:
    • Promote a business friendly atmosphere in Rancho Mirage, conducive to attracting quality tax producing businesses;
    • Protect public funds from being improperly expended on private business enterprises already in the city;
    • Ensure fiscal responsibility that that maintains adequate reserves to meet the known and unknown issues that may arise;
    • Encourage in fiscally responsible ways business growth like new hotels which will generate large long-term city revenues;
    • Maintain fiscally responsible staff and leadership to professionally manage the City's $200M portfolio; and
    • Enact strict conflict-of-interest rules and regulations for staff and council members.
  2. Maintain and enhance our residents' way of life:
    • Increase cultural opportunities for the City, including expanding the uses and events available at our public library
    • Ensure our residential communities are not zoned to allow homeless shelters, business enterprises or excessive population densities
    • Maintain the tradition of providing residents with an array of free and/or affordable amenities that improve the quality of life for all residents like ambulance service and valet parking
    • Ensure the security and protection of our residents and businesses by overseeing essential first responder services
  3. Plan and direct our City's growth into the future:
    • Continue to develop the resources and training essential to provide residents relief in the event of catastrophic future events;
    • Welcome all persons moving into our community whether families, singles or couples regardless of age, race or sexual orientation;
    • Encourage the adoption of shelter animals, manage our natural resources and protect our environment;
    • Encourage business and housing development in a form that comports with our unique zoning regulations;
    • Participate in the activities of our schools with a willingness to assist where possible;
    • Be open and accessible to our residents and willing to work to solve their unique problems and issues; and
    • Direct growth and development to strengthen our economic engine while protecting our "Unique Oasis in the Desert."

If you would like to learn more or share your unique perspectives on the issues and challenges facing our City we urge you to use the contact form on this site or attend one of the many upcoming Meet and Greet sessions being held around the city. We would love to speak with you in person about the issues that are important to you.

If you share our ideals and vision for Rancho Mirage we humbly ask for your vote to elect Dana Hobart, Iris Smotrich, Ted Weill and Charles Townsend Vinci to the Rancho Mirage City Council for 2014!

Comm. to Re-elect Dana Hobart 2014 to RMCC ID#1280702;
Comm. to Elect Iris Smotrich 2014 to RMCC ID#1362004;
Comm. to Elect Ted Weill 2014 to RMCC ID#1355769;
Comm. to Elect Charles Townsend Vinci 2014 to RMCC ID#1362390
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